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SGT is a known to celebrate happy times by delivering fabulous Lucky bamboo plants that make perfect gifts for any occasion to your loved ones.

Lucky bamboo plants are extremely popular and require very little care & maintenance, making them a perfect gift for a weddings, house warming, new job promotion and even birthdays, Mother's Day, or Father's Day.

SGT is now the largest FengShui plants, Lucky Bamboo Plants and gift delivery brand in Indonesia, and having a great presence in all the major cities and towns of Indonesia.

Along with the widest distribution network, our strong physical & online presence makes us the best choice to send & buy FengShui plants & gifts for deliveries across Indonesia and around the globe.

The remarkable distribution network and the sheer number of our clients and customers differentiate us from the competition and thus making SGT the largest Lucky Bamboo Plants gifting brand trusted by millions of happy customers across Indonesia and abroad.

We have quite brilliantly connected love and sense of good fortune together to roll out the best of gifts for all gifting occasions.

Quality and Reliability

Ancient Chinese believed that those who could take care of a lucky bamboo tree for a long time got eternity granted for their soul.

For them a tree could be the connection between the holy and the human, between heaven and earth. Conceptualizing this ancient Chinese concept, we, at SGT take a great care from the beginning to the end of growing Lucky Bamboo Plants, FengShui plants and other Indoor plants.

Over the years, our plant experts & researchers have customized, tweaked, styled, and perfected a premium soil mixture that all of our Lucky Bamboo trees are planted in. 

This custom mixture helps to maximize proper water retention, drainage, and nutrition absorbing capacity which will lead to a happy and healthy plant for you.

Each one of our lucky plants shipped in a state-of-art container to help further enrich the beauty of your Lucky Bamboo. We always try to make sure that our customers get the top quality plants for them and we never compromise with the quality of our products.

Tools We Use

Lucky Bamboo plants are indoor plants and one of the easiest plants to take care of. If you want your lucky bamboo to flourish and last for years, follow the tips and instructions below.

LIGHT: Do not expose plant to direct sunlight. The direct sunlight is too strong for the plant and causes the leaves to turn brown and old. Lucky Bamboo should always be kept indoors.

WATER: Use bottled or filtered water and do not submerge the plants completely underneath the water. The top of the stalk must be exposed to air so that it can breathe properly. Change the water every 14 days to prevent the roots from rotting.

NUTRIENTS: Lucky bamboo plants do not require any nutrients or fertilizers. It can last for years with clean water. Plant food or fertilizer can help aid the health of Lucky Bamboo plants. Only use plant food or fertilizers made specifically for Lucky Bamboo.

Lucky bamboo plants make perfect gifts for any occasion and can symbolize ingredients to a happy life and good fortune.

We Work Hard And Make Your Garden Beautiful

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Decorate your home in a lucky & gorgeous way with Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo trees make a great gift for yourself, and the perfect gift for someone else.

SGT uses only the finest packaging materials and methods to help ensure that your Lucky bamboo plant arrives healthy and is not damaged in any way by the carrier during transit.

Every order is shipped with proper care instructions to make sure that you are able to maintain and enjoy your lucky tree for years to come.

As always, Saesha Global Trading PT takes great pride in our trained Lucky bamboo tree experts’ ability to continually produce The World’s Best Lucky bamboo Trees.

Our plants are shipped with easy-to-follow care instructions and carefully wrapped and securely packaged so that they arrive quickly and in excellent condition.

When ordering a tree from our online catalog, the tree that you receive will be similar to the image shown on our website.

Our Care Instruction page will broadly answer all your plant related answers along with a list of care sheet.