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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lucky Bamboo?
Lucky Bamboo or Dracaena sanderiana. Perhaps the most popular “bamboo” out there, lucky bamboo is enjoyed throughout the world as a houseplant or fung shui cure. In fact, most nurseries, florist shops and garden departments carry it and it can be bought in various designs and fancy planters which can fit into any home. Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui.Lucky bamboo is used world-wide to promote Feng Shui in the household. By itself it promotes three of the elements including water, wood and earth. The right pot and a red ribbon can add the two other elements, fire and metal. Lucky bamboo is said to attract chi energy due to its strength and vitality. In Chinese, lucky bamboo is known as Fu Gwey Zhu. Fu: Luck, fortune, Gwey: Power, honor, Zhu: Bamboo.
What to do if the Lucky Bamboo Stalks are turning yellow?
The roots of the plant or the container is contaminated. Root rotting is common if you do not replace your plant arrangements with fresh water. If you are using rocks to support the bamboo, remove the rocks. Rinse the container with mild soap and air dry. Insert the plants in the container and add water. Do not add the rocks yet. The rocks may contain chemicals that are affecting the plants. Once you know for certain it is not the rocks, you may add rocks back in to support the plant. Ensure that you rinse the rocks with mild soap before insert it in the container. Change the water every 10-14 days.
Why does the leaf turn brown and looks dried up?
Most likely, the lucky bamboo is expose to direct sunlight. The direct sunlight is too strong for the plant and will burn the leaves. If your plant has burn leaves, you can trim the brown section of the leaf with a pair of scissors or carefully pluck the leaf.
Can a frozen bamboo survive?
A frozen lucky bamboo will not survive. After it thaws, the bamboo will feel like rubber and eventually turn soggy and die.
Should I use rocks or soil?
Planting lucky bamboo in soil will required more frequent watering than unsoiled lucky bamboo. We prefer to use rocks because it requires less maintenance.
Should I use bottled water or tap water?
Use distilled water or bottled water. The chlorine that is in your tap water will cause the tip of the leaves to turn brown.