Symbolic meaning of the number of Lucky Bamboo Stalks


Significance Of Lucky Bamboo Plants

Significance of Lucky Bamboo Plants :- Each and every number of stalks holds a different meanings and significance to our life.

 The type of luck or the blessing upon your household that your house can receive is dependent upon the number of stalks.

One Stalk : Is symbolic of a life filled with prosperity. It also symbolizes simplicity and a meaningful life.

Two Stalks : Double your luck. Two stalks are most often associated with marriage, love and relationships.

Three Stalks : Generally three is associated with happiness. It can also be associated with long life and wealth.

Four Stalks : A death wish. The word four in the Chinese language sounds like death. Thus, you won’t often find a four stalked lucky bamboo plant.

Five Stalks : Often thought to bring you academic achievement and creativity. It can also represent health in the five areas of your life, emotional, intuitive, mental, physical, and spiritual.

Six Stalks : Greater prosperity and greater wealth.

Seven Stalks : Good health.

Eight Stalks : Traditionally related to fertility. Why? In Chinese the word eight sounds like the word to grow.

Nine Stalks : Bestows good luck on the owner.

Ten Stalks : A perfect, complete, and complacent life.

Twenty One Stalks : A very strong blessing of good health and prosperity.