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About Lucky Bamboo Plants Indonesia

Our company Pt Saesha Global Trading, growers and exporters of Dracaena Sanderiana commonly known as Lucky Bamboo Plants is located in Indonesia and has been exporting all over world, since 2012.

Recognized as one of the top producers of bamboo. On a mission to provide great plants and support with a dedicated team focused on the customer.

At our facilities, we prioritize the careful selection of bamboo shoots and employ meticulous cultivation techniques, from propagation to harvesting. Our commitment to quality control guarantees that each stem meets stringent standards, reflecting the beauty and vitality associated with Lucky Bamboo.

Beyond cultivation, we prioritize customer satisfaction, aiming to provide both domestic and international markets with premium-grade Lucky Bamboo. Our dedication to excellence extends to packaging and shipping, ensuring that the plants reach their destinations in prime condition.

We take pride in contributing to the cultural significance of Lucky Bamboo while fostering sustainable practices in Indonesia's agricultural landscape. With a blend of tradition, innovation, and a passion for quality, our growers continue to be leaders in the cultivation of this cherished plant.

Planting Skills

Lucky Bamboo Plants 98%

Lucky Bamboo Plants Design Customizable 94%

Deliver Fresh Plants 99%

On Time Delivery 100%

* Quisque molestie condimentum purus at rhoncus.

Lucky Bamboo Plants Indonesia

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  • Address : PT Saesha Global Trading Blok PF 18 no 25 Jl. Raya Hibrida, Kelapa Gading Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Phone : +62 819-5166-662
  • Whatsapp : +62 819-5166-662
  • E-mail : saeshaglobalplants@gmail.com
  • E-mail : info@luckybambooplantsindonesia.com


In Store Purchase:
  • Address : Jl. Danau Poso No.55, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali. Kode pos 80227
  • Phone : +62 815-9005-178
  • Whatsapp : +62 815-9005-178
  • E-mail : saeshaglobalplants@gmail.com
  • E-mail : info@luckybambooplantsindonesia.com