Care Instructions

Lucky Bamboo Care & Guide

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  4. Place your bamboo plant in indirect sunlight.
  5. Fill your container with enough water to cover the roots.
  6. Lucky bamboo prefers a temperature range Of 65-950F (18-350C).
  7. Optional: use a liquid houseplant fertilizer every three to four weeks.
  8. Remove any yellow leaves.
  9. Repot the bamboo as its roots outgrow the container.

Planting Skills


Sunlight: Lucky bamboo requires moderate or indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves, so avoid direct sunlight.


Water: If you're growing the plant in water, filtered or distilled water is your best option for keeping your bamboo's roots moist, healthy.


Temperature: Lucky bamboo thrives in temperatures anywhere from 65–95°F (18–35°C), so it makes a great office or house plant.


Toxicity: Lucky bamboo is not toxic to humans, however. Make sure to keep it by your fur babies it can cause incoordination, weakness, vomiting.

Pcsts & Problems

Pcsts & Problems: Some insects such as scales, mealybugs, and mites target bamboo exclusively. Mealybugs that should be removed manually and with rubbing alcohol. Although mites webbing or fuzz don't typically affect lucky bamboo.

Repotting & Propagation

Repotting & Propagation: If your Lucky Bamboo arrangement is growing in a low dish or bowl, then make sure it has at least 1" to 2" of space all the way around so the roots can spread out a bit. Just enough to make sure the roots are fully submerged.

How To Make A Lucky Bamboo Spiral

  1. Cut one side out of a cardboard box.
  2. Place your plant inside the box.
  3. Set the box so its open side faces a light source (not the top).
  4. Care for your plant as normal until the plant starts leaning towards.
  5. Slightly rotate the plant, and it will continue to grow towards the light.
  6. Keep rotating the plant as it leans slightly - if you spin it in the same become a spiral.
  7. Prune your plant's leaves as it spirals so it doesn't become too top.

How To Braid Lucky Bamboo

  1. Choose a container with three potted stalks (they should be one inch thick and two inches apart from each other in a triangle or row) or plant your own.
  2. Prune the base of the three stalks.
  3. Braid the stalks by taking the right stalk over the middle stalk and bring the middle right. Take the left stalk and cross it over the stalk that's now in the middle and to the left of the new middle stalk.
  4. Continue braiding until there are four to five inches left at the top of the stalks.
  5. Wrap a twist tie around the top of the braid (make sure it's secure but not tight).
  6. Care for your plant normally, then watch it grow and the braid strengthen.
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